New Years Resolutions

I never really have new years resolutions. Partly because I never stick to them, and partly because if theres something you want to change or do, just do it. The ones I’ve come up with, I just came across randomly and either already started doing or it’s been on my mind for a while and something just pushed me a bit to commit to it. It also happens to only be the 5th day into the new year, so I might as well make them new years resolutions. 

Work out at least once a week

This is the most cliche one resolution ever, but it really just started happening by accident. I’ve been kind of bored at at home, so I started going for runs. I’d like to at least keep this going once a week. It’s not meant to be anything big or completely life changing, but just to get me outside a bit and see where it leads to.

Drink more water

My boss/colleague/friend Kelly got us these nifty glass water bottles in the beginning of December. Since getting it, I’ve already been using it on a daily basis. You’re suppose to drink at least 3 of these things a day. Since that makes me use the bathroom a million times, I’m going to set my goal to just 1 a day. It’s more water than I was drinking before, and I’ve already started drinking more than 1 just out of habit now. 

Dress Better

Anyone who really knows me, this is quite a shocking thing to hear from me. My wardrobe consists of jeans, cargo shorts and black t-shirts. When I go out, I only have a couple shirts that I cycle through. I’d like to first change this by upgrading and expanding what I wear going out downtown, bars, restaurants etc, then gradually change what I wear every day. 

Take my time in committing code

When I code, I’m very rapid and I code, test, commit, and test in my mind, sort of fast. I’d like to slow this process down a bit in hopes of avoiding all those minor changes commits and produce a smoother workflow. Before I commit, to visually just go over my code, then test more, and then once I’m certain about things, I’ll commit.